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About Us

DLS Distribution Services is the book distribution division of DLS Australia Pty Ltd.

We are based in Braeside, South East of Melbourne, Victoria.

We distribute books throughout Australia and New Zealand, with a strong emphasis on fiction; military/aviation/railway/transport; equestrian; and with a small but broad range of general non-fiction.

The Publishers we represent are:-
Severn House (UK) Hardcover Library Fiction / Large Print Fiction / Trade PB Fiction
Robert Hale (UK) Hardcover Library Fiction including Black Horse Westerns, General Non-fiction.
Constable & Robinson (UK) Hardcover and Paperback Fiction and Non-Fiction. Including the Imprints of Mammoth Paperbacks and Rightway Paperbacks
Ian Allen Publishing (UK) Aviation / Military / Railway / Transport. Including the Distributed Imprints:- Aerofax; Classic Publications; Dial House; Flight Recorder; John Sullivan: Kestral Railway; KRB Publications; Maple Street; Millstream; Noodle Books; OPC Railway; Pendragon; Phoenix Publishing; Polygon Press; Red Kite; Runpast Publishing; Specialty Press
Midland Publishing (UK) Aviation / Railway / Transport
J A Allen (UK) Equestrian
N A G Press (UK) Gemmology / Jewellery Making

Lewis Masonic

Specialty Press

Masonic Interest

Aviation / Military


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